Tava Tea – What is it?

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Searching for a cup of tea or coffee with a distinct flavor? Tava Tea isn’t only a refreshing and soothing beverage but also a really efficient weight loss aid. Picture relaxing having a cup of tea while shedding the pounds away; sounds to good to be true doesn’t it?

It truly is no myth; Tava Tea is really a clinically tested tea that has shown that drinkers will shed unwanted weight with this incredible tea. And with celebrity drinkers for example Victoria Beckham verifying Tava Tea’s pounds reduction capability, we are certain you’d agree it’s worth your time discovering out much more about it.

Tava Tea consists of the exclusive blend of organic Sencha, Wuyi Cliff Oolong and Puerh teas, probably the most refined and rare in the tea blends. These 3 teas have their own way of assisting you obtain bodyweight reduction.


Sencha is a very popular Japanese tea. It contains high levels of Catechins (a polyphenol) this acts as a very powerful antioxidant. Catechin is by far one of the strongest polyphenols available and research has proven that it can lower your risk of heart disease.

Wuyi Cliff Oolong

Wuyi Cliff Oolong also contains powerful polyphenols that act as potent antioxidants, these help to protect the body from harmful free radicals. Long term consumption of Oolong helps to boost the body’s metabolism at burning fat in turn helping to prevent weight gain. It is said that Oolong burns 2 X times more calories than you would drinking ordinary Japanese green tea.


Puerh tea gets its name sake from the Chinese city Puerh. It is an age old tradition, being enjoyed by the Chinese for over 1700 years particularly after a meal for its anti bloating properties. It is known as “Medicinal Tea” as it is reported it helps the fat digest quicker. Medical studies show that drinking Puerh on a regular basis helps to dramatically reduce cholesterol levels.

Many other weight loss teas on the market do not contain a combination as truly unique and powerful as this and you will not find Tava Tea on the high street.

Not only does Tava Tea deliver great weight loss results but you will also reap the benefits of a much strengthened immune system, healthy teeth and the powerful antioxidants Carotin and Lutein found in Tava Tea acts as an anti carcinogenic.

You can discover for yourself why Tava Tea is the number One choice of weight loss tea and enjoy the rewarding benefits Tava Tea can give you by visiting its official website. It comes complete with a full risk free180 day money back guarantee so you can purchase Tava Tea with complete confidence. In addition, there are many special discounts available helping you to lose more weight more cost effectively.

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