The Best Slimming Tea? Wu Long Tea

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There are many slimming teas offered in the market. Herbal slimming tea and Chinese slimming are the two best examples of it. However, how to justify whether a slimming tea is good and safe to consume? What are those criteria consumer should alert before they make the purchase? Are slimming teas really effective for weight loss? Can slimming tea produces drastic results in weight loss? They were so many concerns on determining the best and safe slimming tea for slimming.

For me, the best slimming tea should be natural. Natural in terms of caffeine-free and lesser fragmented processing. The tea leaves should be dried naturally in sunlight and aloud to partially oxidize but not all. The ingredients of the slimming tea also should be plain and simple by free of flavors and artificial aroma essences. The tea must consist of at least 25%-35% of “real tea” out of other ingredients. The best slimming tea normally hard to recognize as the nutritional information provided by the manufacturers are unspecified.

In conjunction with the mission of finding the best slimming tea, you should pay attention on Wu long tea. Wu long tea has been confirmed by medical sector as the “fat melt” magic tea that used for years. Wu long slimming tea can be drink anytime, not necessary during your meal. But is good to have a cup of Wu long slimming tea during your lunch especially, caused it is good for digestion.

Wu-Long is grown in China, specifically, in the southern regions of China like Taiwan, Guangdong and Fujian. With the popularity of this tea, merchants have thought of many ways to repackaging it. Wu long slimming tea is one of the outcomes sources from this idea. As everyone knows, all tea comes from the same species of plant Camellia Sinensis. It is in the fermentation process that produces the many wonderfully different tasting and fragrant teas. Any how Wu long tea gained its popularity based on its health benefits but not flavor nor aroma.

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